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The team at A&A&AABABAC offers a wide range of property inspection in Baltimore, MD, and remediation services engineered for your property. From lead inspections to mold abatement, our fully licensed and trained professionals have the expertise needed to keep your property and its inhabitants safe from common problems. Reach out to our team today to hire us on for any of the following services.

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Lead Inspections

We offer MDE certified lead inspection services. We will survey your property to determine if any lead-based paint is present, ensuring that residents will not have to fear lead exposure. The duration and price of these services vary based on the size of your property — notably, no chipping, peeling, or flaking paint may be present for your property to be considered in compliance.

Mold Assessment and Abatement

Our certified professionals are fully equipped to assess and do a property inspection for mold concerns. This includes looking at the cause of the problem and determines the best options for remediation. Once a problematic mold is discovered, we can quickly get underway to remove an infestation — reducing the threat of allergens, irritants, and other harmful health defects.

We understand that mold can be an insidious threat, often forming quickly around water damage. With our help, we can fully reverse any environmental damage caused by the mold and leave your property looking good as new. Contact us now for mold sport trap air testing or surface testing.

Air Quality Treatment

Air pollution is a growing problem in many parts of the world, and we make it part of our mission to help keep our clients as safe as possible. There are both outdoor and indoor air pollutants that you need to consider; indoor pollution can be reduced through proper ventilation and cleaning to prevent the build-up of dust, mold, and other irritants, while outdoor pollutants can be treated with careful air filtration. Contact us now to learn how we can provide a property inspection with the best ventilation and more.

Compliance Inspection

For many locations, maintaining compliance with local laws is of paramount importance. For as low as $225, our professionals will come to your property, inspect it throughout time-based on the size of your property, and provide you with a detailed report on what you need to maintain compliance. Contact us now to schedule your compliance inspection.